Mustang exchange at a glance

  1. Each mentor and student creates a Mustang Exchange profile with information on the participant's background, education, and work or practice experience.   
  2. A student views and sorts possible mentor profiles to learn more about each mentor.
  3. A mentor controls his or her availability to meet with students through a calendar feature on the Mustang Exchange site.  This feature allows a mentor to participate as often or as little as his or her schedule permits.  A mentor can easily change availability at any time.  
  4. A student initiates a mentor meeting through the Mustang Exchange site, and the mentor receives a meeting request via email.  
  5. If a mentor accepts a meeting, the student and mentor will meet at a time and place convenient for the mentor.
  6. During a mentor meeting, a student and a mentor might discuss issues ranging from tips for success in law school to career advice.  A student may also request a mock interview session or résumé review. Mentors can include students on job shadowing experiences, such as hearings or deal negotiations.  


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